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FAQ Kemet Prodigy Foundation

           The Kemet Prodigy Foundation offers scholarships to all graduating seniors or adults who intend to go to an accredited career college, technical, or trade school program immediately after graduation to further their education or to seek a change in their career;  Kemet Prodigy Foundation (KPF) has a scholarship for all who are serious about furthering their education.  Please review the answers to the questions listed below and plan now to become a scholarship recipient.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I eligible for a Scholarship Award?

If you are a student in the upcoming graduation class or an adult who plans to continue their education, you are eligible for a KPF Scholarship.

Do I have to have a high GPA to receive an award

No.  Submitting an application that shows a serious commitment to further your education is more important than your GPA or test scores.

How do I become a scholarship recipient?

To be considered for the Kemet Prodigy Foundation Scholarship you  only need to submit a completed KPF Scholarship Application Package by the deadline. 

Where can I obtain additional information and application forms for Scholarship awards?

Information, guidelines, and KPF Scholarship Application Packages can be obtained from the KPF website or you can request an applications and guidelines be sent to your email via

If I receive a scholarship, is the award given to me or sent to the school that I will attend?

The funds will be given directly to the school after you provide proof of school registration and class schedule.

What are the application criteria and guidelines for the KPF Scholarship?

  1. Two typewritten letters of recommendations from persons (not related to you) who know you well enough to speak strongly of your character, integrity, school and/or community      work ethic. At least one of your recommendations should be from a school official and typed on the school letterhead. (teacher, counselor, coach, mentor)

  2. A video submission is required for your application. The list of questions from which you may choose is found in the application itself. 

  3. Include a transcript from your high school or proof of GED with your application.

  4. Your completed application must be uploaded to the KPF website. Please note that you will not be able to submit an application if all the required documents are not uploaded to the website.

  5. All the components of your application should be completed in its entirety and uploaded to the KPF application portal located on the website. A completed application consists only of the components listed below:

  • Application cover sheet

  • Applicant Data Sheet

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • High School School Transcript/GED

  • Video Submission

  • Signed Application Checklist**


For Questions or Concerns Contact:

Kemet Prodigy Foundation 4601 Golden Triangle Drive, #115 Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 

Office:  301.388.5477


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