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NANO LEARNING - What is it?

Learning has taken many forms over years. You probably might not be familiar with the Nano learning method.

What actually is it?

What are its features?

How beneficial is it?

What is Nano learning?

The prefix Nano actually means a very minute portion of a whole. Specifically, one-billionth of a whole. This gives a gist of what it means! Nano learning is an e-learning module designed to allow learners to select specific fractions of a whole to study in a period of less than 5 minutes. It is an extremely short training module that teaches learners exactly what they need to know during their moment-of-need. Of course, Nano learning is not suitable for first-time learners, but it can be used as refresher training.

Features of Nano learning.

● It is delivered in short sessions, often lasting a maximum of 5 minutes.

● It has rich multimedia content such as text, video, images, artwork, and sound.

● It supports the learn-on-the-go feature.

● It is based on Pareto’s principle: 20% effort yields 80% results.

● It often takes the form of informal training.

Without a doubt, Nano learning can be very helpful since it costs less. Also, since it is delivered to learners in their moment of need, it often enhances productivity.

This new learning method will soon dominate society, especially the Tech and Educational Industries.

Our blogs will touch on these in due time.

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