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Introduction to Internet of Things 2021

Imagine for a moment that while at work, you realized the Television was not turned off while leaving home. Will you rush back? Not in the 21st Century. Instead of journeying back home, what if you could use your smartphone to monitor and turn it off? Would that not be amazing? It surely will. This is achievable based on the concept behind the Internet of Things.

Until recently, only computers could connect to the internet, however, through the Internet of Things, practically every electronic appliance can be connected and monitored remotely. The internet is really shaping how we live now!

What Is Internet of Things?

IoT is a system of interrelated devices connected to the internet to transfer and receive data from one another. Numerous devices that could be connected to the internet include, air conditioners, doorbells, alarms, refrigerators, microwaves, vehicles, buildings, and many more.

All (IoT) devices have both built-in computers and a connection to the internet. This allows them to collect and process data, connect to other services, and potentially use that data to send things back to you

What is the Benefit of the IoT?

In simple terms, IoT is really making life simple. Consider this; In the morning when your alarm goes off, the IoT system can open the window curtain, turn on the coffee pot for you and even turn on the water heater. Isn't this amazing?

How does IoT systems work?

Why should everyone, young and old, be interested in learning the concept of Internet of Things?

Why is (IoT) making so much inroots into 2021?

An upcoming article will delve deeper into the expanded explanation of the concept.

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