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The Benefits of Marching Bands

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

British-American singer and songwriter, Nellie McKay once said: “You know, if I can survive marching band, I can survive anything.” What a factual, yet sobering thought! Her comments perfectly illustrate the educational and life benefits of marching bands. Marchers not only enjoy bodily fitness but also, benefit from social and emotional moments. Irrespective of grade, gender, family background, or educational level, joining a marching band is never a wrong turn.

Could you identify a few benefits of joining an active Marching Band? I know you do! To help ease your current mental exercise as you try to list these, see the below. These are but a few of the numerous benefits.

1.Time Management Skills

Enjoying and benefiting from a marching band requires discipline. Marching bands were founded in the armed forces, which are known to be very disciplined. A rare commodity of interest is time. A marching band teaches marchers effective use of time. The time value of money is emphasized all year round. There is always a set time to dress, load, warm-up, perform, eat, hang out, skip about, small talk, crush on others, etc. Time allotments for all these move students to appreciate the time, utilize it to the full, and living responsible lives.

2.Respect and Teamwork

Self-respect goes hand in hand with self-esteem. Knowledge acquired during rehearsal sessions and performances boosts self-respect. Students are easily motivated to be respectful since respecting others is as important as self-respect. This permeates the spirit of teamwork. As is often said, no man is an Island. Irrespective of how brilliant a student can be, the efforts of others are essential to success. Respecting the role of each team member promotes peaceful and healthy relationships. Such training moves marchers to diligently perform their assigned team roles. Teamwork in marching bands differs from others because the goal is not to beat another opponent but to continue to improve on one’s own individual and the overall improvement of the group. Do you feel the need to enhance your teamwork capabilities? A marching band could be all you need!

3.Effective Collaboration

The results of working together far outweigh individual excellence. Students know that to move in unison, keep time with each other and, to a lesser extent, keep each other on track as well as keeping a key level of attention on their own obligations is a must. This sense of teamwork keeps harmony and unity among a diverse group of individuals that lends itself well to any organization’s operations. Want to experience the feeling of collaborative success? Take the step to join a marching band.

4.Leadership and Professionalism

More than what happens in the classroom ensembles, marching bands help students gain skills in leadership. It teaches them the professional methods of handling issues. These include respect for hierarchy, deadlines, and project goals. Uniformity of both musical and visual performance, carriage, bearing, style, and focus is required in marching bands. Servant leadership is a key component of student marching bands. Section leaders, coaches, and drum majors are just some of the roles that can be taken by marchers. These leaders learn how to effectively communicate and offer positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to their peers. Many are also able to utilize skills in conflict management and problem-solving to move the group forward. Want to be a talented leader? Join a marching band today!

Enumerating the above benefits no doubt moves you to either join a marching band or get more immersed in your current group. Kemet Prodigy Foundation boasts of an active marching band that focuses so much on building up each marcher enrolled. Rehearsal, seminars, meetings and cross trainings as well us fun events are featured on the group’s calendar.

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